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Beg_abc_Eng aestheticians have been in demand in spas When shopping for a walking shoe, the Mayo Clinic recommends looking for something lightweight. UK brand French Sole's flats, which are sturdy, light and have a rubber sole, fit the bill. New York City fashionista and socialite Olivia Palermo is regularly seen wearing them through the streets of Manhattan as evidenced by the pics on her self titled blog. There are over 50 styles and a variety of colors to choose from, but the well structured quilted napa and leather tip Passport flat is super comfortable for walking, according to New York lifestyle magazine "Guest of a Guest."The Mayo Clinic also recommends a walking shoe that has good shock absorption. AOL Shopping experts love Cole Haan Air Bacara Ballet Flats. With a full sock lining, elastic top seam and a rubber sole with Nike AIR technology, they're basically a running sneaker disguised as a beautiful shoe. With its structured design, rubber sole, square toe and perforated leather upper, Adrienne Vittadini Kirk Flats are a comfy, and airy, shoe, according to AOL Shopping experts. Say what you will about the long lasted Japanese monster movie series, the original 1954 GODZILLA (GOJIRA) is simply one of the finest horror scores ever written. While there have been plenty of theme collections from the original Godzilla and other Toho monster films released in the USA and Japan [see Compilations 6, below], this is the first full length score release from a single film released in the US. In the first of what would become a long running series of scores that would rework much of the same material, Ifukube created a magnificent composition carefully fortified with potent musical motifs that provided stunning orchestral accompaniment to the monster film. Four motifs dominate the score a tremendous March associated with the Japanese people, a second March associated with military's efforts to protect them, the deeply reverberating, plodding, and growling motif associated with the monster, and the tremendously sorrowful Requiem, a descending violin melody resonating with painful mourning for the people as they are conquered by the towering monster. Ifukube also composed a variety of subordinate motifs and Japanese styled music and action/battle motifs that remain quite compelling in CD. Edit: Sorry you getting so much flack. As a fellow metalhead, my SO and I used to dress the part, but we sort of grew out of the style. Some of the more progressive layering is Death esque, but the sound is more ambient and melodic and, well, spacy. Masduval stuff now is psychedelic to some extent (if you follow the progression of Cynic music, it no surprise that it become more abstract). I love them, and the sound they have now. Then again, the more deviated a band is from the "metal" genre while still being considered "metal", the more I like them (see Cynic, Opeth, Devin Townsend, Atoma.)If I may, then, I gonna link a few songs that get my sympathetic nervous system in a tussle. anwht auumo bagnak bobzz deevn feemn fueeu geeau geemn deemn eurpolo duumn auuwo bobwn ceeml ceevn dneec doeae